1. The Covenant of Grace Affirmation (Unconditional Love, Agape Love) Colossians 3:5-14
  I will choose to love you, up build you, and accept you, my brothers and sisters, no matter what you say or do.  I will choose to love you in whatever form you come. There is nothing you have done or will do that will make me stop loving you. I may not agree with your actions, but I will love you as a person and do all I can to hold you up in God's affirming love.
2. The Covenant of Honesty Ephesians 4:25-32
  I will not hide from you what I feel about you or coming from you, good or bad, but I will seek, in the timing of the Spirit, to deal openly and directly with you in a loving and forgiving way so that you are not unaffirmed when in need, and so that our frustrations with each other do not become bitterness.
  I will try to mirror back to you what I am hearing you say and feel.  If this means risking pain, realizing it is in "speaking the truth in love that we grow up in every way into Christ who is the head" (Ephesians 4:15), then I will take the risk.
   I will try to express this honesty in a sensitive and controlled manner and to meter it, according to what I perceive the circumstances to be.
3. The Covenant of Openness Romans 7:15-25
  I promise to strive to become a more open person, disclosing my feelings, my struggles, my joys and my hurts to you as well as I am able. The degree to which I do so implies that I cannot make it without you. This is to affirm your worth to me as a person. In other words, I need you!
4. The Covenant of Prayer Thessalonians 1:11-12
I covenant to pray for you in some regular fashion, believing that our caring Father wishes His children to pray for one another and ask Him for the blessings we all need. I will not be merely a passive listener. Rather, I choose to be a spiritual participant, willing to enter into your situation and prayerfully helping to shoulder your burden.
5. The Covenant of Sensitivity John 4:1-29
  Even as I desire to be known and understood by you, I covenant to be sensitive to you and your needs to the best of my ability.
   I will try to hear you, and feel where you are and to draw you out of the pit of discouragement or withdrawal.
   I will earnestly avoid giving "simplistic" answers to the difficult situations you may find yourself in.
6. The Covenant of Availability Acts 2:43-47
  Here I am if you need me. Anything I have-time, energy, insight, possessions--is at your disposal, if you need it, to the limit of my resources. I give these to you in a priority covenant over other non-covenant demands.
7. The Covenant of Confidentiality Proverbs 10:19; 11:9, 13; 12:23; 13:3; 15:4; 18:6-8
  I will promise to keep whatever is shared within the confines of the group in order to provide the atmosphere of trust necessary for openness. I understand, however, that this confidentiality does not prohibit my Cell Leader/Intern from sharing either verbally or in written form any pertinent information with my Pastor.
  I understand that Cell Leaders & Interns function under pastoral over sight, having delegated authority as an extension of the Pastoral care ministry of this church. As a result, they are accountable to the Pastor(s) of this church, who are themselves accountable to this Chief Shepard, Jesus Christ, my Lord.
8. The Covenant of Accountability Ezekiel 3:1~ -21 and Matthew 18 12-20
  I give you the right to question, confront and challenge me in Love when I seem to be falling in any aspect of my life under God - family, devotions, general spiritual growth, and the like.
   I trust you to be in the spirit and led of Him--when you do so.  I need your correction and reproof so that I may ever better fulfill God-given ministry among you. I covenant not to be defensive. (Proverbs 12:1, 15; 13:10,18).
9. The Covenant of Time Regularity Luke 9:57-62
  The Cell Covenant of Time Regularity
  I will regard the regular time which my group spends together weekly as time under the disciplining hand of Jesus in our midst. I will not grieve the Spirit or hinder His work in the lives of my brothers and sisters by my absence, except in emergency. By His permission, and through prayer alone, will I consider absence. If I am unable to attend for any reason, out of consideration I will call my Cell Leader in order that the Cell members may know why I am absent, will be able to pray for me, and will not worry about me.
10. The Covenant of Outreach Matthew 25:31-46
  I covenant to find ways to sacrifice myself for those outside our fellowship in the same way that I have covenanted to sacrifice myself for you, my brothers and sisters. I will do my best to bring two or more un-believers or un-churched to my Cell during the course of its life. I will do it in Jesus' Name so that others are added to the Kingdom of God in His love.