Children's Ministry

What Classes are Available for My Child?

At Agape, we take these Bible passages seriously and strive to expose God’s word to our children at the appropriate level for each age group. To do so, our classes are divided into the following levels. The age-designations are posted at the door of each classroom.
Meeting times are 12 noon to 1:30pm every Sunday.

Ages 0-2 Nursery/infant/toddler

Ages 3-4 Pre-school

Ages 5-7 Grades K-2

Ages 8-10 Grades 3-5

Ages 11-13 Grades 6-8

Ages 14-17 Grades 9-12

What Teaching Methods are Used by Teachers?
Our teachers use various instructional tools and techniques to keep the children engaged, entertained, and inspired. For example, children learn by using Bible readings, songs, videos or DVDs, flash cards games and activities, memory verse memorization, and plays or drama.

Our ultimate aim is to help them to grow “in the fear and admonition of God” and prayerfully hope that they do not depart from it in their adult years.

Can I Volunteer to Help with Teaching?

For those looking to do something in the house of God, please consider volunteering in any of the age-designated classes.
Please contact:
Ernest Dodoo

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Saturday 6:30pm-12am


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